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Keeping a healthy smile with dental hygiene in Braintree

Visiting your dental hygienist is a simple and easy way to achieve and maintain excellent dental health. Dental Hygienists use preventive, educational and therapeutic methods to help prevent oral diseases whilst helping patients to achieve and maintain oral health. They will work with you to determine the best oral hygiene routine for your individual needs.

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Playing a very important role in your dental health

Just a few of the tasks our dental hygienists perform include:

  • Educating and counselling children and adults on dental health, plaque control, oral hygiene and nutrition

  • Removal of deposits and stains from teeth by scaling and root planning

  • Assisting in the prevention and control of dental caries (decay) and gum disease

  • Make impressions of patients\’ mouths for the construction of bleaching trays and mouth guards

  • Instruct patients on how to look after their teeth and gums after oral surgery

  • Help maintain and stabilise their gum disease so as to prolong the life of their teeth

Good dental hygiene in practice and at home

Attending regular hygiene therapy appointments at Braintree Dental Studio will ensure you receive the support you need to achieve a healthy mouth. Your dental hygienist will share the best ways to look after your teeth and gums at home too, showing you different tools and techniques most suitable for your own specific needs. 

At Braintree Dental Studio we generally recommend routine visits every six months for a thorough examination and clean. We don’t all need significant restorative treatment but getting the right preventive care advice is important. Book an appointment today with our friendly dental hygienist

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"I can not rate Braintree dental studio enough!"

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"I highly recommend them."

Susi Yates

"I always feel very relaxed which is a 1st for me."

Shell Milt

"Braintree Dental Studio make everything really easy!"

Ross Scotney

"Very reassuring and will recommend to everyone."

Memis Tokkan

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Roger Edmonds

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"All of the staff are so welcoming."

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"Absolutely amazing service, the dentist was so informative, and knowledgable."

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"Very happy with the results and would not hesitate to recommend."

Megan Dwyer

"Outstanding service, and very friendly staff."

Lisa Taylor

"Dentists were incredibly professional and so friendly!"

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"They are fantastic and so patient with the children"

Katie Fraser

"I am delighted with the ongoing outcomes of each visit."

Joshua Wilson

"A safe journey all the way through."

Joe McEwan

"I am very nervous of dentists but they are always so understanding."

Jo Eldred

"Excellent service."

Jeff Turnbull

"The studio was bright and clean with soothing music."

James Murray

"Could not recommend this surgery higher, and especially for children."

Jade Elizabeth

"I had my teeth straightened here last year & they are fantastic."

Hayley Joyce

"I would highly recommend this dentist."

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"Fantastic service from start to finish."

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"I felt very safe and well looked after ...Thank You"

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"They help me with my nervousness and talk through everything."

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"I am no longer worried about visiting the dentist at all."

Ellie Hoad

"If anybody is reading this is thinking about braces. Book yourself in now! You won't find a better place to achieve your dream smile."

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"They take the time to remember little details in your life."

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"The staff are friendly and my dentist appointment is always on time."

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"Highly recommended."

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"Outstanding service from knowledgeable and friendly staff."

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"Couldn’t be happier with the results!"

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"A fantastic practice with lovely staff!"

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"Big thanks to everyone at Braintree Dental Studio."

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"Over the moon with my results from my teeth whitening!!"

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"Unbelievable experience with such friendly and knowledgeable staff, over the moon with my results from my teeth whitening!!"

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Frequently asked questions about dental hygiene

Why should I see a dental hygienist?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

Hygiene therapy is one of the most effective ways to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, and it can also help to reduce bad breath. Taking care of these areas of oral health, and learning how to clean your teeth properly will help prevent more serious problems occuring in the future, such as losing a tooth or even bone loss in the jaw.

What will happen during my dental hygiene appointment?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

When you visit our skilled dental hygienist, they will carry out a thorough clean of your teeth, reaching the parts that regular tooth brushing alone cannot reach, even below the gum line if necessary. The scale and polish technique is designed to remove tartar, which is a hardened plaque that cannot be removed by brushing alone.

They will also carefully check for signs of gum disease or mouth cancer, ensuring that your dental health is maintained and leaving you with a brighter smile.

How often should I see a dental hygienist?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

During your first dental hygiene appointment here in Essex, your hygienist will recommend how often you should attend. Most patients will benefit from two hygiene appointments per year, but more frequent visits may be suitable for you if you suffer with gum disease or periodontitis.

What Is A Hygienist?

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Dental hygienists are specially trained to work with the dentist in giving care to patients. They play an important role in dental health care and are mainly concerned with gum health, showing people correct home care and applying preventive materials to the teeth and gums.

What Is The Hygienists Role In The Practice?

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The hygienist’s main role is to professionally clean the teeth for the patient. This is usually called scaling and polishing. However, perhaps their most important role is showing the patient the best way to keep the teeth free of plaque. The hygienist will work with your dentist to provide care tailored to your needs.

Why Is This Treatment Important?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

Regular professional cleaning combined with your home care will help keep your mouth healthy. A clean and healthy mouth will improve your appearance, help you to keep your teeth and give you fresh breath.

Can A Hygienist Help Prevent Dental Disease?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

This is what the training of the hygienist is all about. Carefully removing the deposits that build up on the teeth (tartar) and teaching you how to prevent it reforming again, will go a long way to slowing the progress of gum disease. By discussing your diet, and recommending other preventive measures, your tooth decay can also be slowed down.

What Help Is Available For Children & Adults?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

Children can benefit from having their teeth polished. The hygienist can also apply fluoride gels and solutions to help prevent decay. The permanent back teeth can also benefit from having the biting surfaces sealed. This is done by applying a special plastic coating to the biting surface soon after they come through.

Adults can also benefit from having fluoride applied. They can also have anti-bacterial gels and solutions applied under the gum to kill the bacteria causing gum disease.

Another very important part of the hygienist’s work is giving regular instruction and advice on home care. The hygienist may also suggest giving up smoking, as this will reduce staining. Recent research has also shown that smokers have more gum disease and lose more teeth than non-smokers.

Why Doesn't The Dentist Do This Work?

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Some dentists will carry out this type of work. However, many now recognise that the hygienist has been specially trained to carry out scaling and polishing and can spend longer with you. They are also expert at teaching you how to look after your teeth and gums. Often the hygienist will spend a number of appointments getting the gums healthy ready for the dentist to restore the teeth with crowns and fillings.

Will The Treatment Hurt & Is It Expensive?

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A Scaling and polishing is usually pain-free. However, if you do have any discomfort the hygienist can use anaesthetic creams, or give you some local anaesthetic. It is important that you let the hygienist know at the time so they can help with your pain.

You can have the treatment under the NHS or privately. It is important to find out the cost before you start, by getting a written quotation. Some practices will have a price list displayed at reception giving a guide to the prices charged for the service. Under the NHS rules, the government fixes the price.

What Can I Do To Help The Hygienist?

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You can do a great deal to help yourself and the hygienist, as you are in control of your mouth between visits to the practice.

Your hygienist will have shown you how to remove plaque with a toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. You will also have been shown how to clean between your teeth with floss, tape or little brushes. There are many products now available, and your hygienist will recommend those that are best for you.

Cutting down the amount of sugar in your diet, and the number of times that you eat during the day, can help to reduce decay. Your hygienist can help you by looking at your decay problem, your diet and by making some recommendations for you to consider.

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