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Straighter teeth with invisalign in braintree

Imagine being able to smile freely, safe in the knowledge that your teeth are perfectly straight. Banish your worries about crooked teeth and achieve incredible results in just a few months with Invisalign at our Braintree dental practice.

From £77.08 a month
Finance plans available

Invisalign: the discreet treatment with results you’ll want to show off

  • An effective, fast way to straighten your teeth

  • Clear, almost invisible aligners, with no need for metal or wires

  • Custom-made for a comfortable fit

  • Removable for ease of cleaning and fuss-free eating

  • Highly experienced dental team for the best care at every stage of your smile journey

  • See a 3D digital preview of how your smile will look with our advanced software and iTero scanner

  • A smile you can be proud of in just a few months

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watch sacha's story

Patient story: 


Sacha came to us after worries of uneven gums as well as the alignment of her teeth. Sacha found that her smile knocked her confidence and that she would shy away from any cameras as she was always conscious of her smile not looking how she would like.

As part of the process Dr Anup Ladva decided to align her teeth and carry out gum surgery in the places she felt her gums were uneven. We then used whitening to brighten Sacha’s smile. For the final steps, Dr Anup Ladva added some composite edge bonding to improve the teeth shape. Sacha said the gum surgery was pain free and has made a huge change to her confidence.

Sacha left feeling happy and confident with her smile and now has a constant smile in every picture!

Your journey to a straighter smile with Invisalign starts here

Dreaming of a straighter smile? Let’s make it happen together.


Visit us at Braintree Dental Studio

During your first visit to our Essex practice, your treatment coordinator will help you decide on your course of treatment. They will give you appropriate, personal advice and answer any questions you may have. Once you decide to go ahead, your first step to a straighter smile with Invisalign has begun. Call us to arrange an appointment.


Digital impressions

Using our iTero scanner, your dentist will take a digital scan of your teeth. You’ll be able to see what your smile will look like once you’ve completed your Invisalign treatment too, with a 3D simulated image that brings your new smile to life.


A custom-fit solution

When your aligners arrive at our practice we’ll invite you in for fitting. Your dentist may give you a few additional sets for you to wear before your return visit, because no-one likes too many trips to the dentist.


Over to you

You’ll need to wear each set of aligners day and night for about two weeks, removing them only to eat and drink, and brush and floss your teeth. Your total treatment time may be just a few months, but can vary from case to case. You’ll only need to visit us about every six to eight weeks, to ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned.


Time to show off your brand new smile

Once you’ve finished wearing each aligner in the series, your treatment is complete.  Vivera retainers will ensure you can enjoy your new smile to the max, and with our premium teeth whitening the beautiful bright smile you’ve always dreamed of becomes a reality.

The facts about invisalign

Straighter teeth are on the wish-list for many of our patients here in Braintree. Invisalign is a discreet and fast-working orthodontic dental treatment to help straighten your teeth and create a smile to be proud of.

One of the most advanced orthodontic options we offer, Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable aligners to gradually move and straighten your teeth, without the need for metal or wires. So while we’d love you to shout about your Invisalign treatment at Braintree Dental Studio, wearing your aligners is a secret you can keep to yourself if you wish! Book an appointment to find out more.

The secrets of invisalign revealed

Using the very latest software and Itero scanner, your dentist will plan your complete Invisalign treatment, from where they are now, to the desired position. A custom-made set of aligners that fit only you are then produced. You’ll wear each aligner for one or two weeks, before replacing with the next as your teeth move. Your dentist will work with you to plan your exact treatment time, based on your needs. 

Virtually undetectable, Invisalign aligners are easy to use, comfortable and removable, helping you enjoy life and maintain good oral health while you move towards gaining a straighter smile.

You will be amazed at the results. Book a free consultation today and find out more.

What's included in my treatment?

Invisalign treatment includes these extras worth over £900:

  • FREE Invisalign consultation (£70)

  • FREE premium teeth whitening worth £350

  • FREE Vivera Invisalign retainers x3 (£520)

  • FREE Invisalign starter kit

  • PLUS before and after keep sake images (digital images)

Our Invisalign smile transformations

How much will it cost?

5 years

£280 deposit required (14.9% apr)

£77.08 per month
enquire about this option

Pay in full

5% discount from:

Our packages

Brighten and complement your natural smile with our Opal Package.

Braintree Dental Studio can give you the mini smile makeover that you’ve always wanted by whitening your smile and perfecting any flaws with composite edge bonding.

Brighten your smile using our premium whitening kit that has long lasting results, with the right after care. Composite (white tooth coloured filling material) will then be skilfully placed on the edges of your teeth to repair any flaws such as chips, uneven edges or wear.

This cosmetic solution often involves minimal preparation to your natural teeth so is effectively pain free and can boost your confidence in as little as 5 appointments.

The Pearl Package enhances the colour, size, and shape of your teeth with composite veneers.

To get you started, tooth hygiene therapy will be completed to ensure your dental health is immaculate before beginning the whitening process with our premium whitening kit to brighten and whiten your natural teeth.

Using the most advanced dental technology our team will create a bespoke design for the placement of composite (white tooth coloured filling material) over your natural tooth to correct any imperfections and create a bright, uniform smile. This non-invasive treatment is the perfect solution for a pearly white smile with minimal preparation to your natural teeth.

The Emerald process involves straightening the teeth; using Invisalign.

Our emerald package will straighten your teeth using Invisalign the comfortable, discreet and easy way to straighten your teeth; in around 6-9 months, without the need for metal ‘train track braces’.

Aligned? Now let’s amplify your smile with whitening and bonding. Our premium teeth whitening system offers long lasting results with low sensitivity meaning you can change your life without changing your lifestyle. The next step is restoring fractures, chips and flaws with composite bonding on your upper front 4 teeth and smoothing any imperfections on your lower teeth.

Enquire with us today to get started on your Align and Amplify journey…

One step up from our Emerald package the Sapphire treatment creates the ultimate smile.

One step up from our Emerald package the Sapphire treatment creates the ultimate smile with minimal preparation of your natural teeth.

Our Sapphire package is made to move; straighten your teeth using Invisalign the comfortable, discreet and easy alternative to metal ‘train track’ braces; in around 6 9 months.

Aligned? Now let’s amplify your smile with whitening and composite. Our premium teeth whitening system offers long lasting results with low sensitivity meaning you can change your life without changing your lifestyle. Let’s complete your smile makeover with 10 composite veneers on your upper teeth and restore imperfections on your lower 4 front teeth with composite edge bonding.

These results speak for themselves, why not check out some of our reviews?

Build a radiant smile with our full digital smile makeover.

To get you started, tooth hygiene therapy will be completed to ensure your dental health is immaculate before proceeding with our premium teeth whitening kit to achieve a bright white smile; using the most advanced dental technology we will complete your dream smile by placing 10 ceramic veneers.

You will leave with a smile we are confident you will love!

Hear from our patients

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"I can not rate Braintree dental studio enough!"

Vicky Oakley

"I highly recommend them."

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"I always feel very relaxed which is a 1st for me."

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"Unbelievable experience with such friendly and knowledgeable staff, over the moon with my results from my teeth whitening!!"

Alex miller

Frequently asked questions about invisalign

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

Invisalign clear aligners are almost invisible, so no-one needs to know you’re wearing them. They are removable too, giving you the freedom to eat and drink what you want during treatment. You can also remove them to brush and floss your teeth.

How often will I need to see my dentist when undergoing Invisalign treatment?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

Time spent in the dentist's chair during appointments is minimised with Invisalign at Braintree Dental Studio, as no adjustments need to be made to wires or brackets. Patients typically visit us every 4 to 6 weeks, to ensure the treatment is progressing as planned. 

How long does it take to achieve straighter teeth with Invisalign?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

The length of your Invisalign journey with your Essex dental team depends on your unique needs. Invisalign treatment can last between 3 and 18 months, depending on how much movement is required to straighten your teeth. During your initial consultation, your dentist will discuss a detailed timescale with you.

Is the Invisalign treatment painful?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

You may experience some minor discomfort for a few days at the beginning of each new stage of treatment, when a new Invisalign aligner is inserted. This is normal and is a good sign that the aligners are working. This discomfort typically goes away in a couple of days, leaving you comfortable and confident that you are on your way to a straighter, brighter smile.

What are Invisalign aligners made of and how do I clean them?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

Invisalign clear aligners are made of strong, medical-grade thermoplastic material, custom-made to fit comfortably and discreetly over your teeth. To clean them, remove your aligners from your mouth, rinse with cold water, and brush them gently with a toothbrush.

Keeping our patients smiling with Invisalign

The Invisalign aligner treatment at Braintree Dental Studio in Essex is a discreet way to achieve a straighter smile to be proud of. You will certainly want to show off the results. Call us to find out how we can help you smile and enjoy your new-found confidence.

01376 569 090

We're here to help you overcome your dental anxiety

Feeling anxious about undergoing dental work is common and quite natural. Our caring team here in Essex are here to help. From talking you through your fears and exploring relaxation techniques, to safe, gentle sedation, we’ll do all we can to put you at ease.

Ready to start your smile journey?

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