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8 things that you probably didn't know are bad for your teeth!

8 things that you probably didn't know are bad for your teeth!
8 things that you probably didn't know are bad for your teeth!

When you first meet someone new, which feature do you notice first? With your smile being one of the most noticeable features here 8 things that could hinder the appearance of your smile and tips on how to keep your smile happy and healthy.

  1. Using your teeth as tools

Teeth, we use them every day and maybe in some ways we shouldn’t… on average 65% of people have admitted to using their teeth for something other than eating and drinking! Using your teeth can vary from biting your nails or most commonly tearing Sellotape. It may be convenient at the time but did you know this can lead to chips and cracks in your teeth? We suggest keeping usage to just eating and drinking; maybe keeping some tools handy would be best to help protect your teeth and smile.

  1. Chewing on ice

It’s just frozen water right? So it's sugar-free you’d expect it to be harmless but that is not the case! Did you know that chewing ice can lead to problems such as toothache, sharp pains and potentially cracking your teeth?

Most people will chew ice to help cravings such as hunger, but the constant motion of chomping on hard, frozen cubes can irritate, crack or chip your teeth leaving you with sharp pains or even toothache. The extreme coldness of the ice can also trigger pains due to the sensitivity of your teeth! Instead of chewing ice, you could try some sugar-free gum instead!

  1. Tongue piercings

Fashion or Flop?

Have you considered how your fashion statement may affect your teeth in the long run?

Just like using your teeth as a tool, the metal stud of a tongue piercing could crack or chip your teeth, it can also cause problems such as gum damage and tooth loss because it may have on your gums! Minimize the risk of infection or bacteria by speaking to your dentist before you make any potentially harmful decisions for your smile.

  1. Grinding your teeth

We find a lot of patients come in complaining of worn teeth as well as aches and pains in their jaw! Aches and pains happen all the time and our patients don’t realise there could be a problem. Grinding your teeth most commonly happens in situations when you are stressed or even in your sleep! Yep, so some people never even realise they are doing it! Grinding can cause your teeth to wear down over time, so to help both your aesthetic appearance as well as the aches and pains we suggest wearing a mouth guard at night. This can help you prevent any damage to your teeth but also can stop you from waking up with those stubborn aches and pains.

  1. Sticky sweets

Are you sneaking to the cupboard to get your sugar fix? Or keeping a packet of gummies in your drawer at work? Well did you know that sugary sweets help promote tooth decay? We find that sticky, gummy sweets are even worse. Gummy sweets can stick to your teeth meaning the sugar is in contact with your teeth for longer! But don’t worry if you feel you need that sugar fix we have a way that could help. We suggest eating sugary sweets at main mealtimes rather than snacking throughout the day, think of it as an after-dinner treat! At main mealtimes, we naturally produce more saliva meaning we are more likely to naturally rinse away the sticky sweets and sugar!

  1. Constant snacking

Working from home made snacking irresistible but constant snacking has proven to be detrimental to the health of your teeth. When snacking constantly your mouth will produce less saliva meaning any harsh sugars or sticky sweets could remain stuck for hours! How can we get around this? When craving a sugary snack why not wait until mealtime, more saliva can be produced to wash away any potentially harmful acids or sugars. We all know how tough waiting can be especially when it’s a quick and easy option, so if you can’t wait why not opt for less sugary and starchy options such as carrot or cucumber sticks!

  1. Drinking certain drinks

Your morning coffee may make you feel more energised, but it could leave your teeth looking dull. Its dark colour and acidity can cause yellow staining over time, of course, nobody wants that! Luckily staining can easily be fixed. Here at Braintree dental studio, we offer teeth whitening treatments using Enlighten smiles whitening to help refresh your smile and remove any stubborn staining!

  1. Smoking

Did you know that smoking and tobacco can directly affect your oral hygiene? It not only can cause staining but can also cause more serious problems such as gum disease and cancers of the lips, mouth and tongue. Why take the risk? If you’re looking for a reason to quit, just think about your smile. Regular check-ups can help your dentist review and monitor any possible changes to your smile.

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