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All On 4 Implants - improving the lives of patients with tooth loss

All On 4 Implants - improving the lives of patients with tooth loss
All On 4 Implants - improving the lives of patients with tooth loss

The damage of tooth loss can be severe. To start with it creates functional issues. Not being able to eat properly can turn patients away from their favourite foods. It also weakens the teeth as a set. Teeth are designed to work together, strengthening and supporting each other, and to lose some is to weaken the entire set, and increase the likelihood of misalignment or problems with the jawbone.But it’s not just the physical effects that are cause for concern. There are emotional side-effects to consider as well, and the daily battles with social and mental wellbeing that tooth loss can cause. Suddenly everyday social events like lunches, dinners and parties can be difficult social challenges. Self-confidence can plummet, leaving people feeling awkward and unwilling to get stuck into social situations.Tooth loss is a widespread issue that dental professionals all over Essex deal with on a regular basis. We’re no different, here at Braintree Dental Studio, and we’re very used to helping patients who have lost some or even all of their teeth.Dentures are a pretty commonplace treatment for people with tooth loss, but they have their flaws. Sometimes dentures don’t fit the gums perfectly, and they can also limit the types of food the patient can eat. For an unrestricted lifestyle, Braintree Dental Studio uses a treatment called All on 4.All on 4 is a unique surgery that uses only four titanium implants to completely replace an entire set of teeth on either the upper or the lower jaw. It’s a full set of implants designed to completely cover any tooth loss, removing functional problems and massively boosting self-confidence.All on 4 is different than traditional implants in a couple of ways. The implants inserted into the jawbone are angled, which reduces the amount of bone grafting needed. So the whole process is much quicker, with less time needed for healing.This healing time generally lasts around five months, so the next appointment will take place once the implants are secure. But a temporary bridge is fitted so patients can ditch their dentures pretty much immediately, and most people go back to work only a day or two after the surgery.At Braintree Dental Studio we work with Nobel Biocare products to make our All on 4 treatments the highest available quality. It is a revolutionary treatment dedicated to improving the lives of people living with tooth loss. Our dentists are dedicated to your health and wellbeing, and strive to give you a smile you can be proud of. All on 4 will not only improve your dental health but boost your self-confidence and get you back into all those social situations without a care in the world.If you’re based in Essex and think All on 4 is for you, get started today at Braintree Dental Studio. Simply call 01376 569 090 to book an appointment now.

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