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Show your teeth some love for Valentine’s Day!

Show your teeth some love for Valentine’s Day!
Show your teeth some love for Valentine’s Day!

Kissing isn’t just with the lips, so here’s some tips to keep your oral health fresh. Targeting bad breath can be simple and could keep you from scaring away your date!

Keep floss in your handbag or pocket, pop to the bathroom after dinner and get rid of any left over food in your teeth. TOP TIP: couple flossing with a mint to freshen up, but if the bad breath persists even after a mint, it could mean it is time for your regular dental check up! Although sugar free gum is another great alternative to target the bad breath, your date may not appreciate the constant chewing. So, save the gum for after the first date!

Let’s talk gifts, sweets and chocolates are of course the easy option but why not opt for flowers and a card to avoid any sugary snacks.

Gummy sweets tend to be very acidic to your teeth, sticking to your teeth can cause the enamel, that protects your teeth, to wear down. Trying to bite hard sweets can lead to cracks and chips, accidents happen! While we are on the topic of hard sweets, they are also full of sugar! Would you bath in sugar? No, so why bath your teeth in sugar!

Let’s talk chocolate, the higher the quality the better! Only the best for your other half, are we correct! Chocolates with 50% or more cocoa are purer and contain less harmful additives that could hurt your teeth. Where you can try to avoid any chocolates with a sticky or sugary centre, solid chocolate is better for your teeth. Some of you may not like dark chocolate but believe it or not this is the best type for your teeth as it has less sugar! Top tip: making dark chocolate can always be fun, why not buy the ingredients and surprise your significant other with the activity of making the chocolate together.

Don’t forget to love your teeth too! After indulging on the chocolate you have made, be sure to brush and floss between the teeth and around the gum line. Remember wait at least 30 minutes before brushing! Drinking water and practicing good oral hygiene is great to keep your smile healthy. Don’t forget to regularly check in with your dentist and hygienist.

Stuck for gift ideas? Has your other half been concerned about their smile? What if we could tell you that we have an idea that is completely FREE? Here at Braintree Dental Studio we offer free virtual consultations with our treatment coordinator. Your significant other can ask questions and find out some more information on our treatments without having to pay a thing! Visit our website to get this booked in today, or alternatively you can give our team a call on 01376 569090 to book in today.

We hope our patients have a lovely Valentines Day, however you choose to celebrate.

We just want to take a moment to discuss online/at home teeth straightening options. You may have seen some news articles and negativity surrounding these treatments. We ask that our patients please read the articles below in regards to teeth straightening and we want to remind you that if not done correctly, it can have negative effects such as tooth loss and receding gum lines. If you do have any concerns surrounding your smile please speak to your dentist, they will be able to advise and treat you where possible. Should the dentist feel the patient needs to be referred to see another dentist this will always be done to ensure the patients safety and care levels remain high at all times. We understand that times are tough at the moment and our patients may not have the financial backings for treatment so may opt to look for these cheaper alternatives. However, we want to let our patients know we are hear for you and we do offer payment plan options in order to spread the cost of your treatment. Should you want to discuss any concerns regarding the above information please feel free to contact us on 01376 569090 today.

Healthy Mouths, Create Happy Smiles. Dr Ladva and the entire Braintree Dental Studio team.

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